United Nations Documents

A selection of documents and reports recorded at the United Nations relevant to the Falkland Islands as a non-self governing territory listed by that organisation.

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The most important historic resolutions, relative to the Falklands, are:

567 (VI) of 1952 – determined that there must be a people for a territory to be listed for decolonization by the UN as a non-self governing territory (NSGT).

637 (VII) of 1952 – identified plebiscites (referenda) as the method through which the wishes of a people of a listed territory should be ascertained.

OT 18 2012

“All C24 resolutions on UK OTs reach the UNGA, except that on the Falklands (a position agreed by the UK and Argentina since the resumption of bilateral relations in 1989/90)”

1514 (XV) of 1960 – clearly stated that colonialism was a denial of the rights of a people which included the right of self-determination.

2625 (XXV) of 1970 – placed the right of self-determination into international law and granted the listed non-self governing territories with a legal status separate from the Administering Powers.

Between 1965 and 1988 there were 10 Falklands specific resolutions adopted by the General Assembly – 2065 (XX) 1965; 3160 (XXVIII) 1973; 31/49 1976; 37/9 1982; 38/12 1983; 39/6 1984; 40/21 1985; 41/40 1986; 42/19 1987 and 43/25 1988.

During Anglo-Argentine negotiations in 1989/90, however, the issue of sovereignty appears to have been settled and there are currently no ‘relevant‘ UN GA Falklands resolutions. This was confirmed by the UN Secretary-General during a media interview in 2012.

The right of the people of the Falkland islands to the natural resources of the archipelago, including fish and oil, is confirmed in an annual General Assembly resolution entitled: ‘Economic and other activities which affect the interests of the peoples of the Non-Self-Governing Territories’.


Current Working Paper & Special Committee Report:

UN Falkland Islands Working Paper 2019 N1905669

Report of the Special Committee on the Situation with regard to the Implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples for 2018


British submission to the UN sub-committees of the Special Committee on Decolonization (C24) in 1964

Nomenclature of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 1965

Verbatim record of the 1223rd meeting of the Special Committee (Decolonization) in August,1982 (Falkland Islands from Page 18) – (Recognition of the “Representatives of the Falkland Islands people”)

Letter dated 29 January 2002 from the Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs, the Legal Counsel, addressed to the President of the Security Council (English)


From the website of the South Atlantic Council 2017

Carta de fecha 29 de enero de 2002 dirigida al Presidente del Consejo de Seguridad por el Secretario General Adjunto de Asuntos Jurídicos, Asesor Jurídico