The Falkland Islands – History & Timeline

Falkland Wars 1480 – now!


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Thoughts on the Late Transactions respecting Falkland’s Islands – Samuel Johnson 1771

Official_papers_relative_to_the_prelimininaries of London & the Treaty of Amiens 1802

Trial of Sir Home Popham 1806

Trial of General John Whitelocke 1807

Report of David Jewett Feb 1st 1821

Times, 3 August 1821, Jewett Full Pages (1)

1832 Report (Vernet) Addressed to Francis Baylies, US Envoy in Buenos Aires

1832 Magazine Article

Helsby Account 1833 – the Rivero murders

Charles Darwin’s Diary 1833 (Extract)

Ambassador Moreno’s Published Protest 1833 Open letter to the British people

Palmerston to Moreno 1834 Letter responding to Moreno’s protest

Davison v Seal Skins 1835 Court Case regarding the skins removed during the Lexington “raid.”

Oaths of Allegiance 1841 – 1900 List of settlers’ oaths

1841 Moreno Protest to the British Government

Convention of Settlement 1849 Peace Treaty ratified 1850

Memorandum Respecting the Falkland Islands 1910 by Librarian, Gaston de Bernhardt, for the Foreign Office

Blue Book on Argentina 1946

British Non-Self Governing Territories 1946 List to the United Nations

Dr. Ruda’s Speech to the Decolonization Committee 1964 – Annotated

1977 Cambridge Expedition

Citation – Lt. Colonel Herbert Jones 1982

Citation – Sgt. Ian McKay 1982

C24 recognition of ‘people’ 1982 Sep 2nd Falklanders as a ‘people’

Sir Anthony Parsons Interviewed 1991 (Falklands War)

Michael Charles Bingham – Falkland Islands Supreme Court 2003

Freedman’s Reply 2009

House of Commons Briefing Note 2010

2012 False Falklands History at the UN (2nd ed.) by Pascoe & Pepper

27 Jan 2012 UK note letter from the UK’s Ambassador to the UN, Mark Lyall Grant

Arg & Falklands Briefing Note 2012 Parliamentary Briefing Note

Falklands Defence 2012 Parliamentary briefing

Peter Willets South Atlantic Council Referendum Speech in Stanley 2013

Referendum Final Report_Final

Falklands-What-the-ICJ-Might-Say-About-Argentinas-Claims – Stephen Potts

Falklands Facts and Fictions [ENGLISH] 2015

Falklands Facts and Fictions [SPANISH] 2015

Falklands Facts and Fictions [Portuguese] 2015

UN Secretariat Working paper (Falkland Islands) 2015

Decolonization Committee Report to the 4th Committee 2016

UN Secretariat Working Paper (Falkland Islands) 2017

Decolonization Committee Report to the 4th Committee 2017


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