Misc. Resources

Links to resources relevant to each time period have been inserted into the relevant sections and the Bibliography. This section contains those that are more general in nature, that may add context or are not solely concerned with the Falkland Islands.

Trial of Sir Home Popham 1806 (unofficial invasion of Spain’s Rio de la Plata colony during the Anglo-Spanish War 1796-1808)

Sir Home-Popham

Sir Home Popham

Trial of General John Whitelocke 1807 (authorised attacks upon Montevideo & Buenos Aires during the Anglo-Spanish War 1796-1808)

Memorandum on Uti Possidetis  by John Bassett Moore 1913

Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States Concerning the Independence of the Latin-American Nations by W. R. Manning 1925 vol.3

Foreign Relations of the United States 1981-1988 Conflict in the South Atlantic 1981-1984

The Catholic Church in the Falkland Islands by Mgr. Anton Agreiter (undated)

Break Up of Yugoslavia and International Law (uti possidetis juris) by P. Radan 2002

Judicial Review (2003) in the case of Michael Charles Bingham Case No: SC/CIV/08/03

Occupation and Acquisitive Prescription by Randall Lesaffer 2005

Does the principle of Self­-determination prevail over the principle of Territorial Integrity by Vita Gudeleviciute 2005

Territorial Integrity Treaties, Uti Possidetis, and Armed Conflict over Territory  by Paul Hensel, Michael Allison & Ahmed Khanani 2006

Discussing Indigenous Genocide in Argentina: Past, Present, and Consequences of Argentinean State Policies toward Native Peoples by Walter Delrio, Diana Lenton, Marcelo Musante & Marino Nagy 2010

Self Determination by Daniel Thurer & Thomas Burri (Max Planck Institute) 2010

Inspection of the Disused Shore-Based Whaling Stations for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands July 2011

International Legal Rules for Deciding Sovereignty Disputes by J. Ashley Roach 2011

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee: Overseas Territories 2010 – 2012

False Falklands History at the UN by G. Pascoe & P. Pepper 2012 (2nd ed.)

Right of Peoples to Self-Determination in the Present International Law by Chinonso Ijezie 2013 (circa)Facts & Fictions

Brexit and the British Overseas Territories  by Matthew C. Benwell & Alasdair Pinkerton 2016

Delimitation of the Argentine Continental Shelf by Prof. Peter Willetts 2016




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