Misc. Resources

Resources relevant to each time period have been inserted into the relevant pages. This section contains those that are more general in nature or do not fit easily within one of the periods. Also those that may add context but are not directly concerned with the Falkland Islands.

A description of Patagonia, and the adjoining parts of South America: …; and some particulars relating to Falkland’s Islands by T. Falkner 1774

Trial of Sir Home Popham 1806

Sir Home-Popham

Sir Home Popham

Trial of General John Whitelocke 1807

Les îles Malouines by Paul Grousac 1910

Memorandum on Uti Possidetis by John Bassett Moore 1913

Rosas, the Malvinas and our Territorial Dismemberments by A. O. Rozas (‘Rosas, Las Malvinas y Nuestras Desmembraciones Territoriales in the Revista del Instituto Rosas no.13 1948 – Translated)

Falklands or Malvinas: The Background to the Dispute by J.C.J. Metford 1968

Sintesis de la Geografia y la Historia de las Islas Malvinas, Georgias y Sandwich del Sur by Laurio H. Destefani 1982

Self-determination and the Falklands by Denzil Dunnett 1983

Foreign Relations of the United States 1981-1988 Conflict in the South Atlantic 1981-1984

Who Owns the Falkland Island Dependencies in International Law? An Analysis of Certain Recent British and Argentinian Official Statements by C. R. Symmons 1984

Los Derechos de la Republica Argentina sobre las Islas Malvinas, Georgias del Sur (San Pedro) y Sandwich del Sur by Alfredo Bruno Bologna 1988

British Interests in the Falkland Islands: Economic Development, the Falkland Lobby and the Sovereignty Dispute 1945 to 1989 by Clive Richard Ellerby 1990

Maritime Briefing: The Falkland Islands and their Adjacent Maritime Area by Patrick Armstrong and Vivian Forbes 1997

Stanley CathedralThe Catholic Church in the Falkland Islands by Mgr. Anton Agreiter (undated)

The Falklands, An Historical Perspective by Ernest H. Spencer 2003

Judicial Review (2003) in the case of Michael Charles Bingham Case No: SC/CIV/08/03

Territorial Integrity Treaties, Uti Possidetis, and Armed Conflict over Territory by Paul Hensel, Michael Allison and Ahmed Khanani 2006

Discussing Indigenous Genocide in Argentina: Past, Present, and Consequences of Argentinean State Policies toward Native Peoples by Walter Delrio, Diana Lenton, Marcelo Musante & Marino Nagy 2010

Claims and potential claims to maritime jurisdiction in the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans by Argentina and the UK – Durham University 2010

House of Commons Briefing Note 2010

Inspection of the Disused Shore-Based Whaling Stations for the Government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands – July 2011

House of Commons Foreign Affairs Select Committee: Overseas Territories 2010 – 2012

Distributed Sovereignty and the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Dispute by Peter Willetts 2012

Stormy waters: Britain, the Falkland Islands and UK–Argentine relations by Klaus Dodds 2012

False Falklands History at the UN (2nd ed.) by Graham Pascoe & Peter Pepper 2012

British Perspectives on the Falklands Dispute by Robin Wallis 2013

Right of Peoples to Self-Determination in the Present International Law by Chinonso Ijezie 2013 (circa)

A Report on the Referendum on the Political Status of the Falkland Islands by Peter Willetts 2013

Rethinking popular geopolitics in the Falklands/Malvinas sovereignty dispute: Creative diplomacy and citizen statecraft by A. Pinkerton & M.C. Benwell 2014

Does the Population of the Falkland Islands (Malvinas) really have the right to self-determination by Fabian Raimondo 2014Facts & Fictions

Falklands: What the ICJ Might Say About Argentina’s Claims by Stephen Potts 2015

Falklands Facts and Fictions [English] 2015

Falklands Facts and Fictions [Spanish] 2015

Brexit and the British Overseas Territories by Matthew C Benwell & Alasdair Pinkerton 2016

Delimitation of the Argentine Continental Shelf by Peter Willetts 2016





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