The Falkland Islands – History & Timeline

Falkland Wars 1480 – now!

Falkland Islands Timeline (Chapters)

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1480 to 1747 – Age of Discovery

1748 to 1774 – First Falklands War

1775 to 1815 – Oil Industry

1816 to 1829 – Claims

1830 to 1839 – Counter Claims

1840 to 1859 – Colonization

1860 to 1899 – Argentina’s Rise

1900 to 1959 – Antarctic Pretensions

1960 to 1981 – Decolonization

1982 – Second Falklands War

1983 to 1999 – Reconstruction

2000 to 2009 – Falklands Rise

2010 to 2019 – Here & Now




Written by Junius

September 17, 2015 at 4:00 am

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  1. Hi – just want to say what an impressive record this blog/history is. I stumbled upon it while looking for some further information about Haig’s diplomatic shuttle in the early phase of the Falklands conflict and was so fascinated by all the logs you have accumulated of the diplomatic too-ing and fro-ing that I spent several hours reading and ended up, finally, feeling that I know what really went on behind the scenes. I was particularly struck by what appears to be Haig bending over backwards to appease the Argentines and wonder why, what stake he had in it.
    At the time I was The Sunday Times stringer in Sao Paulo, Brazil and clearly remember the Brazilian press discussing the so-called ‘paragas’ (umbrella) theory – the name given to the junta’s (mistaken) idea that the US would provide cover for them, would support them in their bid for sovereignty by force. It would be very interesting to know more about this, exactly how they came to think this – was it through Haig’s weaselly words? Or was it something said, or promised, military man to military man, during dealings re Argentina’s support for the contras in Nicaragua? I don’t know exactly what Argentina did in this respect, but can well imagine that whatever it was they thought their role more important than it actually was.
    Anyway, thanks again for compiling this, a wholly invaluable resource.
    Yours, Moyra

    Moyra Ashford

    December 3, 2016 at 9:17 pm

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