1960 – 1971 Decolonization & Rights

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Argentina had first raised its pretensions to the Falkland Islands in 1829 only to abandon them in 1850. An attempt to resurrect the question again in the 1880’s resulted Argentina being ignored on that issue by Great Britain from 1900. The creation of the United Nations in 1945 however, had brought about another opportunity but it took the UN’s interest in the issue of decolonization from 1960 to present Argentina with its third real chance to re-open the question. Argentina successfully grasped that opportunity with both hands.

UN GA 1971

UN General Assembly 1971

It was the peak of Argentine diplomacy at the UN but they didn’t know that then.

The game had changed. From Spain v. England to territorial-integrity v. self-determination. In reality it was a one sided argument.

Self-determination was always going to win.


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