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Falkland Wars 1480 – now!

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What follows is a chronology of the Falkland Islands and the politics surrounding the history of those Islands and their old Dependencies.

The Falkland Islands have been at the centre of European politics since the 15th Century, either because of their strategic position, their association as British possessions or, more recently, the prospect of oil. Spain and Britain came close to war over them in 1770. Argentina attempted to seize the archipelago in 1832 and did so in 1982 resulting in the Falklands War. Their aggressive attempts to colonise these small Islands continue even to this day.

I believe that historical events must be viewed in context – and, in this case, that context places in sharp contrast the narrow version of history adopted by Argentina in its claims for these very British Islands.

There is also a constant process of review and update, as new or better information comes to light. This is particularly so with the digitization of records that constantly adds new material. 85% of this I found on the Internet. The material is there if you care to dig. My results therefore can be checked.

As I am continually working on the pdf version of the main history, it will always be ahead of this blog and better referenced. Fully referenced in fact, as I have the option of foot notes and end notes which this wordpress system does not afford me. Annotated pdf versions are available at the top of each page, and the full version is available in the Blogroll to the right.

Please use whichever suits you. Please enjoy it.

Best wishes.

Roger Lorton March 2013

Full version here – Falklands History


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